Economic Impact

The Port of Esperance is a significant contributor to economic development in the Goldfields Esperance Region - both by facilitating trade through the Port and providing vital transport infrastructure which acts as a catalyst to support investment and growth in the region.

This creates jobs and income in the local community, as well as contributing to the economic performance of the State of Western Australia.

In 2001, the Esperance Port Authority - in consultation with the Association of Australian Ports and Maritime Authorities (AAPMA) and the national Bureau of Transport Economics - commissioned research into the economic impact of the Port of Esperance on the region.

The study was conducted under an analytical framework established by the Bureau of Transport Economics which ensures that all studies conducted throughout Australia are soundly based and produce consistent and comparable results.

The report titled, The Economic Impact of the Port of Esperance 1999/00, was produced by the independent economic research firm, EconSearch Pty Ltd, which is based in Adelaide.

The report found that the economic impact generated by the Port's operations included:

  • $45 million in output (or gross revenue).
  • $24 million in valued added (output, less the cost of goods and services in producing the output).
  • More than $10 million in household income.
  • Almost 250 jobs (full-time equivalent).
  • Each of the 129 ships which called at the Port in 1999-2000 generated, on average:
    • $249,000 of output
    • $188,000 of valued added
    • $80,000 of household income
    • 1.9 full-time equivalent jobs for one year

The largest economic impacts occurred in the land transport and storage sectors:

  • The value of services provided in this area was $11 million, with flow-ons to other sectors of the regional economy of almost $7 million.

With shipping and tonnages at Esperance Port increasing significantly since the report study year of 1999-2000, there will be a corresponding increase in positive economic impacts in the Goldfields Esperance region as a result of the operations of the Port.

View (PDF) the full EconSearch report, The Economic Impact of the Port of Esperance 1999/00.